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Razer Ornata V3X Driver Download, Firmware Update and Review

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Razer Ornata V3X Review

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Razer recently released its newest gaming keyboard, which is full of color, namely the Ornata V3 and Ornata V3X. When viewed, both are almost similar in design, but when turned on, it will show the difference in appearance. If Ornata is equipped with RGB light with many color choices, then Ornata V3X only has 1 color zone. In terms of price, the Razer Ornata V3X is also cheaper than the Ornata V3.

Design and features

Razer Ornata V3X

Razer Ornata V3x is designed with a fashionable plastic chassis, and the size is not too big and thin. It will feel excellent. On the periphery of the keys is equipped with RGB light but not many color choices like its brother, the Ornata V3, but the Ornata V3X only has 1 color zone, so it will still look fantastic as a modern gaming keyboard. The Razer Ornata V3X becomes a keyboard that is comfortable for a long time, both for playing games and being your typing partner as a worker. All this is because it provides a place for your wrist rest, which is quite broad, and the foam is soft.

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The Razer Ornata V3X will make you feel satisfied with the available features. Moreover, you can take it off when not used, and putting it back on is also very easy. Because it is equipped with a magnetic on the connector, this will be a favorite keyboard when viewed from the affordable price and premium quality.

The Razer Ornata V3X uses a combination button between mechanical and membrane switches. Both of these technologies are being loved by gamers. The greatness of this technology is that it will feed back when you type with soft fingers and give you more comfort. The keys are also silent when you order, which you will like because it will not disturb the people around you. The keys are protected with Ultraviolet coating, which makes the keyboard keys durable and not easy to fade. This feature is the main attraction, especially for those who want to use the keyboard for a long time. So that the keyboard does not cause excessive wear, this is the latest breakthrough that makes this cheap keyboard feel premium.

Razer Ornata V3X

Razer Ornata V3X Specifications

Full Technical Specifications

Category Specification
Variation Razer Ornata V3 X
Keyboard Type Membrane
Available switch type Membrane
Wrist Rest Detachable, plastic
Cable Type Braided fiber cable
Backlighting 1-zone lighting
Razer Chroma with 16.8 million color options
Keycaps UV-coated ABS
Form Factor Full-size 
low-profile keycaps
Dedicated Media Keys No
USB Pass-Through No
Fully Programmable Keys Yes
On-the-fly Macro Recording Yes
Anti-Ghosting Yes
Gaming Mode Yes
1000 Hz Ultrapolling Yes
Dimensions L: 17.46 in
W: 5.68 in
H: 1.23 in 
Weight 760 g
Key Roll-over 6-key rollover
Synapse Synapse 3
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Razer Ornata V3X Driver

Razer Ornata V3X User Guide (PDF)

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Razer Ornata V3X Synapse 3.0

Update Date: 23 Juni 2022

Support For Windows 10 & Windows 11

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