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Razer Wildcat Driver: Software Download, Update and Review

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Razer Wildcat For Xbox Review

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Razer has marketed a controller for the Xbox/PC gamepad, at premium quality, in the form of the Wildcat. With a design that is very comfortable in hand and is equipped with very responsive features. You’re also given the freedom of programmable buttons like any other Elite controller. However, this gamepad still uses cables, but you don’t have to worry about that because Wildcat doesn’t bother with the cable while you’re using it. The most important thing is the comfort you get when using it for a long time.

Design and Features

Razer Wildcat for Xbox

The Razer Wildcat is designed with a bold look and feels like a premium Xbox One controller. Most noticeable is the quality of the layout; the body is covered in matte black plastic, which is identical to other Xbox controllers. It’s pretty much the same as the other controllers, but what sets it apart is the four-segment cluster directional panel closer to the DualShock 4. A pair of sliding trigger lock switches sit below the top alternative trigger set. They limit the range of standard trigger pulls, much like the trigger lock on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

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Razer added a few extras in addition to the standard controls on the Wildcat. Like adding a wired headset adapter that attaches to the bottom of the gamepad between the hand grips. Also added another trigger control to the bottom of the Wildcat, functioning similar to the detachable paddle on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. The body is smooth with a glossy black plastic finish rather than metal and feels more natural to reach with your fingers. One pair sits between the handles, comfortably resting under your middle finger while your index finger holds the standard trigger. The other pair, which look more like bumpers, sit between the standard triggers and can be accessed by stretching your index finger a little further around the gamepad.

The Razer Wildcat also entitles you to remove the multifunction trigger on the bottom with the included screwdriver if you wish. Once they are out, a pair of small covers flip over the mounting holes and lock them in place. If you want to re-attach the trigger, the two trim switches next to the cover release it. You cannot remove the multifunction bumper up on the gamepad.

Connected and Accessories

Razer Wildcat for Xbox

The Razer Wildcat connects with this cable which sets it apart from other Xbox controllers that can already connect wirelessly. A hidden micro USB port on the top of the controller lets you connect to an Xbox One or PC with the included six-foot cable. The cable is cloth-wrapped and has a quick-release connector a few inches from the USB plug. The connector detaches easily, ensuring you won’t drop the entire gaming system if the cable is accidentally tripped.

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Razer also completes the Wildcat with several other accessories. Most useful is the zippered hard shell nylon case that holds the gamepad in a foam strip and cables and other accessories in a padded pouch. You can optionally attach the included green silicone analog stick cap for better traction on the stick and a pair of padded green foam grips for a more secure grip on the controller itself. The stick cap is easy to install and very convenient. However, it’s hard to fit a machine-cut flat grip around the sides of a gamepad without unsightly creases or uneven coverage. The grip is comfortable, but it’s better to watch the material delivered on the gamepad than to deal with the awkward installation process yourself.

Razer Wildcat For Xbox Specification

Full Technical Specifications

Supported game platforms Xbox One
Game control technology Analog / Digital
Connectivity technology Wired
Tool interface USB 2.0
Cable length 3 m
Game control function keys Direction keys
Analog button Yes
Shoulder button Yes
Product color Green, Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 156 mm
66 mm
106 mm
Weight 260 g

Razer Wildcat For Xbox Driver

Razer Wildcat For Xbox User Guide (PDF)

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Razer Wildcat For Xbox Firmware

Update Date: 14 Apr 2022

Support For Windows 7/8/10/11

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