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Razer Raiju Driver Download, Software Update, Setup and Review

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Razer Raiju Review

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The Razer Raiju is a controller device that deals with all things black and LED lights. Razer is well known for providing specialized hardware for gaming. It’s a significant improvement over the standard DualShock 4, albeit at a slightly high price. Maybe the design is insufficient for some, but it packs a list of features guaranteed to be the weapon of choice for fighting gamers because of its very supportive features and a very comfortable design to use for a long time. It is the main attraction for Raiju controllers.


Razer Raiju

The Razer Raiju has a look with a design you can tell right away that a team of professionals is using it. Razer has thought and worked on designing the Raiju to be a controller that will stand out and be in demand. Raiju is a more extensive and heavier device than the standard Dualshock PS4, designed almost the same as the Xbox One remote. It is a solution for a larger display. Razer Raiju, for some people, feels too big and slippery, which affects the ability to control the accuracy of movement. However, the significant advantage of stick controllers is that Razer stays true to Sony’s standard stick layout and provides a traditional horizontal solution that appeals to most gamers.

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Razer Raiju has a trigger thumb lock, which significantly allows you to adjust how far you can press it via the back toggle switch. This feature is handy for First Person Shooter games as it will give you an advantage in response time. The only difference is that the Raiju button doesn’t have that much depth, and when you press it, there’s almost no mileage. The first time you try it, the controls may feel different, but after a few tries to play games with this controller, you will enjoy the buttons that respond quickly, unlike the usual controller.


The Razer Raiju is equippes with four separate buttons that are not connected and provide high command execution accuracy. Unlike the face buttons, the d-pad has more depth when pressed and is much stiffer than the d-pad on the standard Dualshock 4 remote. Again, it’s all about preference, but remember that it may not work well in combat and other games where horizontal movement is required.

Razer calls it Multi-Function Trigger and Bumper. It’s four buttons with the bumper on the shoulder and the removable trigger on the bottom of the controller. The extra bumper button is close to the standard bumper and motivation, making it easily accessible to your index finger. The placement feels natural, and I never find myself pressing it by accident.

Razer Raiju

The two triggers located at the bottom of the Raiju can remap to your needs, similar to the additional bumper. The extra trigger distance traveled when pressed is close to the face button. It’s a good idea to make them removable if the different 4 buttons are plenty for you. This controller is easy to remove and put back on, making it easier for you to clean it. This element includes four buttons that allow you to perform different functions: The Audio Control button will enable you to increase and decrease the headphone volume quickly.

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The Mic Mute button mutes the microphone connected to the 3.5mm headset jack. The other two buttons use to change profiles and configure additional bumper and trigger settings. The programming process is straightforward, and you can always know your profile through the LED indicator. Once any button configures, the controller will provide feedback via the vibration of the rumble motor.

Razer Raiju Specifications

Full Technical Specifications

Category Specification
Connectivity Wired
D-Pad Individual Buttons
Face Buttons Razer Mecha – Tactile
Analog Sticks Optional stick rubber grips
Multi-Function Buttons 4 Extra Multi-Function Buttons
3.5 Headphone Jack Yes
Quick Control Panel Yes
Trigger Stops Yes
Lighting Effect No
Speaker No
Motion Sensor No
Sensitivity Clutch Level Adjustment N/A
Profiles 1 Default
2 Customizable Profiles
Configuration Quick Control Panel
Grip Texture In-mold rubber grips
Size (LxWxH) 168 mm
105 mm
65 mm
Weight (without cable) 350 g

Razer Raiju Driver

Razer Raiju User Guide (PDF)

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Razer Raiju Firmware

Released Date: 12 Sep 2018

Update Date: 03 Mar 2022

Support For:

  • Mac OS
  • Windows

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Razer Raiju Setup Driver

Support For:

  • Mac OS
  • Windows

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