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Razer Seiren Pro Driver Download, Software Update and Review

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Razer Seiren Pro Review

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The Razer Seiren Pro is a high-end microphone for game streamers and podcast creators. Even for use in radio studios, this microphone can use. Looks classy and has premium specs, which can be used anywhere and for any purpose. This Seiren pro microphone is an item for those who are very confident and serious about your online recording arts. You can also buy this microphone for long-term use because the quality is durable.


Razer Seiren Pro Microphone

The Razer Seiren is designed not to change much from the previous Seiren generation. The Seiren Pro version is not equipped with a high-pass filter toggle button. The Seiren Pro isn’t too focused on changing its design, but Razer is focused on quality because you’ll be amazed at the quality of this microphone. Something that you must have if you are a podcast creator, radio host, or you are game steamer.

The Razer Seiren Pro is already a terrible accessory. Suppose you need a boost in audio quality, which impresses instantly. Seiren Pro will be very high quality than you recap your voice through whatever basic system you currently have, be it a headset microphone or something else. You can easily connect Seiren Pro to your PC or MacBook as it can be connected via the supplied USB.

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Features and Performance

The Razer Seiren Pro is everything for you if you need a premium quality microphone because the Seiren Pro is crystal clear. Your recordings are transferred directly to standard audio tracks in Final Cut Pro. You will get very good/premium quality when you broadcast or stream. The system can connect to your computer with a mini USB cable.

Razer Seiren Pro Microphone

The Razer Seiren Pro can connect with XLR – you also get a 5-pin XLR cable, which is included in the box. You’ll be able to hear yourself chatting outside of your gaming system with the headphone jack, and you’ll get a 3.5mm audio extension cable if you need it. Your voice will hear clearly, and you will be very satisfied when you broadcast; it is your first choice for voice recording.

Razer Seiren Pro Specifications

Full Technical Specifications

Category Specification


Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity 12.5mV/Pa (1kHz)
Max SPL 120 dB
Power Required 5V 300mA (USB) 
48V DC (analog)
Sample Rate 192kHz
Bit Rate 24bit
Capsules Three 14mm condenser capsules
Polar Patterns Stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional

Headphone Amplifier

Frequency Response 15Hz – 22kHz
Impedance ≥ 16Ω
Signal-to-noise ratio 114dB
Power Output 130mW 

Razer Seiren Pro Driver

Razer Seiren Pro User Guide (PDF)

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Razer Seiren Pro Synapse 2.0

Update Date: 18 Jan 2022

Support For Windows 7/8/10

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Support For Mac OS

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Razer Seiren Pro Synapse 3.0

Support For windows 10 & Windows 11

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