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Razer Basilisk Essential Driver Download, Update, Setup & Review

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Razer Basilisk Essential Review

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The Razer Basilisk Essential is a simple and elegant gaming mouse wrapped in black. This mouse doesn’t have many buttons, looks very basic as a mouse, and is only liked by some gamers. Basilisk is essential, don’t focus too much on striking features. Design only as a classic Razer, but Basilisk Essential focuses on performance and quality. The Razer Basilisk Essential lacks a few tricks. With Razer Chroma support, you can make your company logo shine in a dazzling 16.8 million types of lights. Plus, you have the unique touch option to register other functions with the thumb-operated multi-function paddle.

Razer Basilisk Essential Mouse Gaming

Design and Features

The Razer Basilisk Essential is designed for an asymmetrical right hand. The part where the thumb rest is quite large and very comfortable to use. The basilisk Essential is a wired mouse, and there aren’t too many buttons or features on the top of the mouse. This mouse only comes with a simple tactile scroll wheel and a DPI button. There are only two additional buttons on the left side of this mouse, and for those who want to add buttons, the mouse is adjusted as you wish.

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Basilisk Essential is just a redesigned, top-performing version of Razer Basilisk. Unlike the previous generation Basilisk, Essential omits more advanced features and looks very simple. Basilisk Essential’s built-in DPI toggle under the scroll wheel is a handy tool if you’re in the middle of an intense battle. By default, this button allows players to cycle through 800, 1600, 3600, 5400, and 6400 DPI with each click. Likewise, the multi-function add-on button with Essential is a perfect tool. And it’s great to have control directly on my thumb that be set to pretty much anything you want.


Razer Basilisk Essential

Razer Basilisk Essential can be run in conjunction with Razer’s Synapse program. Using Razer Synapse 3, the Essential can be tuned to a fairly standard level. You can record different macros and assign them to the buttons on the mouse. Choose from a variety of lighting effects that will change the appearance of the Razer logo on the mouse, and program the seven different buttons on the mouse to do whatever you want.

Even though Basilisk Essential has good features, the Razer Synapse 3 program is still not very friendly. Not only is the interface itself a bit difficult to parse, but sometimes functions I’ve changed can’t be saved after exiting the program. If you’re lucky enough to get your settings locked, there shouldn’t be too much hassle. Still, the Synapse 3 app does have a way of going before it stabilizes like previous iterations.

Razer Basilisk Essential Specifications

Full Technical Specifications

Category Specification
Variation Razer Basilisk Essential
Sensitivity True 6.400 DPI Optical Sensor
Ultra polling 1000 Hz 
Acceleration 220 IPS / 30 G 
Programmable Buttons 7 independently programmable 
Razer Chroma 16.8 million lighting
Inter-device Synchronization Yes
On-the-Fly Sensitivity Adjustment Multi-function Paddle
Design Factor Ergonomic right-handed design 
Scroll Type Gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel.
Dimensions L: 124 mm
W: 75 mm
H: 43 mm
Weight 95 g 
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Razer Basilisk Essential Driver

Razer Basilisk Essential User Guide (PDF)

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Razer Basilisk Essential Firmware

Version: Firmware v1.02.00

Released Date: 11 Jun 2019

Updated Date: 13 Mar 2022

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Razer Basilisk Essential Synapse 3.0

Support For Windows 10 & Windows 11

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