Razer Imperator 2012 Mouse Gaming

Razer Imperator Driver Support: Download, Software Update, and Review

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Razer Imperator Review

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Razer Imperator Mouse Gaming

Razer Imperator, this time Razer overhauled the imperator engine and improved its performance with an advanced 6400Dpi 4G dual sensor system. Yes, there are 2 infrared optical sensors and a laser embedded in them. The improvements this time are no joke. In addition to the boosted dpi, it also has advanced surface detection features. The packaging from Razer always looks great. Razer always has the most attractive and neat packaging, and content in all product ranges of gaming peripherals. As usual, the contents include stickers, mice, manuals, testimonial pamphlets from game masters, certificates, and booklets for Razer products. The ergonomics are also good. This imperator can be used with palms, claws, and fingertips.

The imperator has the most comfortable shape to hold the two competitors, even though the mouse can’t use for left-handed people. Fans of flickering lights don’t need to worry, and there’s a blue led on the scroll and the logo that will light up brightly when the sensor reaches the surface and dim when lifted. Good gaming equipment must have a braided cable and a gold-plated USB to reduce lag and high durability. Sweet, small, and big hands don’t matter. Even the button on the side of the thumb moved back and forth according to our most comfortable desire. We can adjust it from the slider behind the mouse. Even seen from the bottom of this mouse looks fierce.

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The Razer Imperator is very well designed, soft, easy to use. It is a sophisticated mouse with the easiest to use among its competitors. The lift distance can be changed at will, at a very comfortable level when being lifted while playing. Sensei feel alike. This mouse is relaxing playing games, and The competition becomes more lively. The Razer Imperator is perfect for both expert and novice users who want to experience a great mouse. You don’t have to bother adapting and learning it. This mouse is ready to use. Using macros is very easy. Razer’s tradition is that the macro settings are user-friendly. Razer imperator’s new version is the right choice for you. After all, Razer’s warranty is the easiest and fastest way to claim if there is damage.

Razer Imperator 2012 Mouse Gaming

Feature and Performance

The Razer Imperator’s good performance has to be paid for with a good computer for gaming purposes. Imperator with advanced technology is a bit spoiled, such as asking for a USB connection on a good PC, an old or slow computer will not handle its ferocity, skipping occurs.

The Razer Imperator has an advanced auto-detection surface feature. Just note that when you first want to plug in the mouse, please put it correctly into the mousepad you wish to use. Once plugged in, it automatically detects the surface being used. If the mouse is accidentally carried by hand when plugged in, it will be messy. Also, if you want to move the mouse to another surface, it must be unplugged and then plugged in again; otherwise, the mouse will mess up and don’t even move at all.

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Razer Imperator Specifications

Razer Synapse Onboard Memory
Ergonomic right-handed design
Adjustable side buttons
200 IPS 
50g acceleration
Seven independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
On-the-Fly Sensitivity adjustment
Size : 123 mm  x 70 mm x 43 mm
Weight: 139 g 
Rubberized contoured thumb grip for added control

Razer Imperator Driver

Razer Imperator Master Guides (PDF)

Update Date: 14 Oct 2021

Download Now

Razer Imperator Synapse 2.0

Support For: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 

Updated Date: 14 Oct 2021

Download Now

Support For Mac Os X 

Updated Date: 14 Oct 2021

Download Now

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