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Razer Naga Pro Wireless Driver Download, Software Update, and Review

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Razer Naga Pro Review

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The Razer Naga Pro is the continuation of the gaming mouse series from Trinity. This mouse with slight refinements in certain areas, from all that the Naga version has represented to date. On the interchangeable side, with the desired button. You get three connectivity options, including two wireless and the latest Razer mouse technology. The result is a mouse you can use for almost anything, backed by software that lets players truly customize everything about their experience. There are still a few minor issues, with the price classified as high-end. but the Naga Pro is just another great offering from Razer

Razer Naga Pro Wireless Mouse Gaming


In terms of form, the Razer Naga Pro has not changed much from the Razer Naga Trinity. It is a mouse with a more pronounced tilt on the left side as it has 12 MMO buttons. In the center of the mouse, there is a textured scroll wheel with tactile scrolling. Further back is the DPI sensitivity knob, which is more hidden than the version found on the Naga Trinity. Everything is encased in a slightly textured matte plastic with a premium feel. The included 6-foot cable is braided. Specifically, the Razer Speedflex is drug-resistant with extra flexibility.

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At the bottom of the Naga Pro, you have four 0.8mm thick PTFE feet that work to keep the base secure. The mouse has a button on the side that can replace and a profile change button. Razer is not a company specializing in MMO mice, and one of the main problems with them is the button differentiation: With 12 buttons under your thumb, it can be challenging to press the right button. Razer missed the mark here. There are some differences in the angle and height of the controls. You can feel that your thumb should be above the 5 and 8 keys, but this should be clearer.


Razer Naga Pro with a reasonable premium price tag, this mouse has a myriad of features. First, Naga Pro can use with or without cables. The wireless function will benefit those of you who like to be too wild with mouse movements. When I use the wireless version of the HyperSpeed (2.4GHz), I don’t experience any lag issues. For the battery, Razer claims with Bluetooth mode. It can last up to 150 hours. Meanwhile, by using the 2.4GHz version, the Naga Pro is claimed to last up to 100 hours. The Naga Pro can also be charged using the Razer Mouse Dock Chroma. Unfortunately, these accessories are sold separately and are pretty expensive too.

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Razer Naga Pro Specifications

Sensitivity                                True 20,000 DPI Focus

Acceleration                            Up to 650 IPS / 50 G

Ultrapolling                             1000 Hz

Razer Synapse Support       Razer Synapse 3

Razer Chroma                        Razer Chroma RGB with true 16.8 million

Storage                                      Advanced onboard memory

Connectivity                            Dual wireless – Hyperspeed and BLE

Design Factor                         Ergonomic right-handed design

Dimensions                             119 mm x 74.5 mm x 43 mm

Programmable Buttons      with 12 buttons panel

Cable Type                               1.8 m Speedflex cable for charging and wired use

Razer Naga Pro Driver

Razer Naga Pro Firmware

Release date: 21 March 2021

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Razer Naga Pro User Guides (PDF)

Release date: 31 May 2021

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