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Razer Taipan Driver Support: Software Download, Update, and Review

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Razer Taipan Review

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Razer Taipan Mouse Gaming

Razer has become a well-known manufacturer of gaming products in the PC gaming peripheral market. With so many product lines designed to meet various unique gaming needs, Razer has indeed become a trusted brand. This time, it was the turn of two of their products to stop at Jagat Play’s editorial desk. A mouse product called Taipan and an exclusive and elegant mousepad, Ironclad is a new challenger to be judged. Now we can see if this product called Taipan can work optimally?


Razer design for the Taipan is arguably not so unique compared to other Razer complex gaming mouse products. Wrapped in matte black, and of course, the iconic Razer logo is brightly lit on the back, an elegant impression does flow from this gaming mouse. Like a mouse with the standard number of buttons on most gaming mice today – nine, Razer still supports an ergonomic shape that is comfortable to use.

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The Razer Taipan comes with nine standard buttons to ensure every navigation function you need is met. Left, right, and scroll buttons will help your normal PC exploration functions, with the extra two small buttons in the middle to adjust and change the sensitivity of mouse movement in real-time, according to the needs of the game you are enjoying. It also features two small buttons on either side of the Razer Taipan, left and right, which can be modified according to your needs, of course through macro functions, which we will discuss later.


With an ergonomic design that is one of its main selling points, the Razer Taipan will be able to guarantee the comfort of your hands when involved in gaming activities that are often time-consuming. The rubber material that is integrated on the left and right sides will also help you get the correct grip and be comfortable, at least enough to prevent the humidity of your hands from having a significant impact on the performance you will get. Razer hasn’t just designed the ergonomic Taipan for gamers who put their right hand first and those left-handed. Its injected ambidextrous form will hit the exclusivity limits on this one, making it comfortable for all gamers.

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One of the exciting features of the Taipan is the fact that it is Razer’s first mouse to feature the 4G Dual Sensor System – 8200dpi function in it. We’re not just talking about super-high sensitivity for those of you who are competitive in games that require not only super high speed but also super accurate reactions. Its 4G Dual Sensor ensures that the Taipan can be used on all types of surfaces, making it reliable for any terrain. However, the combination of an exclusive mousepad from Razer further enhances it. We get this experience by combining it with a complete mousepad product that comes with adorable packaging.

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Razer Taipan Specifications

Form Factor Ambidextrous
Connection Type USB 2.0, Braided
Weight 95 grams
Grip Type Claw, Fingertip, Palm
Dimensions 124mm x 63mm x 36mm
Buttons 9
Sensor 4G Laser
DPI on the fly Yes
Max. DPI 8200DPI
IPS speed 1000Hz
Illumination Green – wheel, logo
Programming Profiles Onboard Memory 64KB

Razer Taipan Driver

Razer Taipan Driver Download For Windows 7/8/10

Updated date: 31 May 2021

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Razer Taipan Driver Download For Mac Os X

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