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Razer Seiren Mini Pink

Razer Seiren Mini Driver Download, Software Update and Review

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Razer Seiren Mini Review

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The Razer Seiren Mini is an affordable streaming microphone, albeit reducing features. However, Seiren Mini provides the best sound for the users. Financial-strapped content creators or steaming gamers, or podcaster beginners feel like they have had luck with this microphone. Seiren mini in the market is significantly developed with a particular budget. Companies are just starting to notice the demand for inexpensive microphones for streaming or podcasters, as more and more people are at home taking them as a hobby.

Design and performance

Razer Seiren Mini Black

Seiren Mini has a capsule-like design, available in black, pink, and white. The Seiren Mini has a built-in desktop stand, which tilts to the corner of the person speaking. And the mini Seiren tilts easily to the side, with a 360-degree rotation of a joystick. The microphone’s top half is an all-speaker grille, with a micro USB port hidden on the back panel (including the micro USB-to-USB cable). The microphone’s front has a minor status LED that lights up when the Seiren Mini is connected.

Seiren Mini with a super-cardioid pattern, this feature prevents noise, which is present when streaming is in progress. This pattern is great for broadcasters, as it places the focus squarely on the person speaking and does not record noise. Seiren Mini has a very proper height and angle. The screw mount and tilt it provides are sturdy, but the tilt-only goes back so far, and to be completely level with your mouth, the distance must be further than the ideal space. They are placed inside. Say, 10 inches from whoever is speaking, assuming them—placed on the same table, where the microphone sat. The microphone capsule is pointed towards the person’s body rather than the mouth.

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Razer Seiren Mini Specifications

POLAR PATTERNS Supercardioid
BIT-RATE 16 bit
CAPSULES Ø 14 mm condenser capsule
MAX SPL 110 dB 
SAMPLE RATE Min 44.1 kHz / max 48 kHz
razer -seiren-mini-driver
Razer Seiren Mini Pink

Bottom line

The Razer Seiren Mini is a barebone microphone that is very simple easy to operate. The price is low and has the best features. Like all microphones, they sound different based on your proximity to them, but there’s a lot more warmth here and less room noise than Snowball Ice provides. So if you want sound isolation, this could be the ideal budget option for you, while Snowball Ice offers a more honest and natural sound that includes some room reflection.

Razer Seiren Mini Driver

Razer Seirēn Mini Master Guide (PDF)

Updated Date: 07 Mar 2022

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Razer Seirēn Mini Setup (PDF)

Updated Date: 22 Feb 2022

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