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Razer Seiren Elite Driver Download, Software Update and Review

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Seiren Elite Review

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Seiren Elite with a sleek black design of the highest quality, It’s not as small as Seiren X‘s. However, it’s more travel-friendly than the Blue Yeti. Seiren Elite microphone has gain, volume control, and mute upfront. It was also equipped with a micro USB port for power and a headphone jack on the bottom. The Elite circular base glides on smoothly, should you wish to mount it yourself. What is unique to the Elite is the High-Pass Filter switch, which allows the microphone to filter out unwanted low-frequency sounds such as AC buzz. There’s also a peaking LED indicator around the microphone, which glows red to alert you whenever something goes slightly off, as well as a built-in digital/analog divider to prevent distortion. Razer’s mic even comes with a foam windshield to prevent popping sound during such plosives, unlike other microphones that have to be purchased separately.

Razer Seirēn Elite Microphone


Seiren Elite is neatly designed, high quality, and very pleasing to the eye. With the addition of spot UV treatment and foil on the packaging. When you buy and open it straight away, you will find a jet black capsule of exhilarating weight, an embossed Razer logo, and a braided cable. The microphone’s detachable handle is heavy enough for the job and has a layered base to minimize bangs and bumps on your desk until it reaches the microphone diaphragm. However, the handle fits snugly on the short side.

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It is, to reiterate, the microphone you use to speak, like the Shure Sm58, despite its fancy version. It works best when you’re in close quarters and desktop gaming situations. That means placing the Seiren Elite in a box to bring it to your mouth or bending down to get closer to it. It is can easily be fixed by attaching it to the boom arm, but that means extra spending on your very expensive microphone. 

The Seiren Elite has a backlit microphone mute button below the two dials, and a high-pass filter switch on the bottom completes the controls. Razer stays away from razzmatazz RGB for this model, and it’s not without lighting tricks. The ribbon just below the microphone grid lights up red to indicate the peak where the limiter is activated. If you see a lot of red, it is time to drop the gain or stop screaming loud enough to open the FUT package.

Sound Quality

Seiren Elite makes you sound like you are commenting on a pay-per-view wrestling encounter, but the truth is that sound reproduction is smoother and feels warmer. The Seiren Elite has a high-pass filter which is a great addition and can suppress distracting sounds. Essentially cutting the low frequencies below the EQ of the human voice it’s effective at removing the cloudiness from your recordings. There is a tradeoff in overall quality, particularly in overall microphone response.

Razer Seirēn Elite Microphone

Razer Seiren Elite Specifiations

SAMPLE RATE Min 44.1 kHz-Max 48 kHz
BIT RATE 16 bit
CAPSULES Single Dynamic Capsule
MAX SPL 120 dB
WEIGHT 785 g
DIMENSIONS Diameter x Height
2.37Inc x 8.84Inc
THD None
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The Seiren Elite is a great microphone in terms of sound and builds quality. If you’re using it solely for shout-casting voicing video, you won’t likely look back at the alternative and feel sorry for missing some different polar patterns or software changes. However, you will be delighted with the high-quality sound recordings.

Razer Seiren Elite Driver 

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