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Razer Anzu Driver Download, Software Update, Setup and Review

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Razer Anzu Smart Glasses Review

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The Razer Anzu glasses aim to shift the users’ focus from just being smart glasses to those who use them’ personal eye health. Now we all spend more time in front of computers or smartphone screens than ever before. Razer creates smart glasses by adding doctor-recommended glasses’ features, such as the blue light filtering feature. The Razer Anzu glasses match the Bose Frames and Amazon Echo Frames with open sound speakers and microphones. This feature is an alternative to a headset during calls, so it’s not a hassle.

Razer Anzu Glasses Rectangular

Design and Battery Life

Razer is made with two Anzu design options, one with a rectangular frame and a circular edge. Both designs are available in small and large sizes, which is an attraction for users. Razer Anzu glasses have very flexible hinges. However, if the Anzu smart glasses do not fit you, you cannot adjust them like standard glasses. So you must be very selective for size before you order it.

Anzu glasses have touch-sensitive controls located on the temples of the glasses. This feature lets you control the music and respond to your calls. The Control system can also activate the smartphone virtual assistant and start your game mode for lower latency sound. The Anzu glasses have an IPX3 water resistance rating, making them splash resistant. Razer claims the Anzu glasses with a Bluetooth connection can last more than 5 hours of battery life, with continuous use on a single charge. It will be different when we use it, depending on how many features we use on these Anzu glasses.

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Razer Anzu Glasses Circular Frames

Audio and Outlook

Since covid-19 hit the whole world, we live to work, school, or even meet friends, and we have to use virtual tools, such as Zoom or other applications. The Razer Anzu glasses have Bluetooth connectivity, a frame-mounted speaker, and a microphone. This feature makes it easy for us to use it on a conference call at the office or for other purposes. Razer puts in very high-quality audio and uses 16mm drivers for clear bass. Razer rates the audio delivered at a low latency of 60ms, so hopefully, you won’t notice much audio lag or delay.

Anzu glasses emphasize blue light Filtering. Razer seems to be prioritizing this way of separating the Anzu glasses from the Frames sold by Bose and Amazon. This blue light filtering feature is quite an eye-catcher for the marketing of these glasses. Since its older competitors from Amazon look less than appealing to the audio, it’s probably pretty easy to accept Anzu with its Blue light filtering features and pretty good audio.

Razer Anzu Specifications

  Bridge Width: 18.5 mm
  Temple Length: 140 mm
  Lens Height: 38 mm
  Weight: 43 g
  Bridge Width: 20.5 mm
  Temple Length: 140 mm
  Lens Height: 40.5 mm
  Weight: 46 g
  Bridge Width: 21.5 mm
  Temple Length: 140 mm
  Lens Height: 46 mm
  Weight: 44 g
 CIRCULAR FRAMES LARGE Lens width: 52 mm
  Bridge Width: 23.5 mm
  Temple Length: 140 mm
  Lens Height: 48.5 mm
  Weight: 48 g

Razer Anzu Driver

Razer Anzu Master Guide (PDF)

Release Date: 02 Mar 2021

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Update Date: 09 Feb 2022

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