Razer Raiju Mobile App Driver Download, Setup and Review

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Razer Raiju Mobile Review

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Games on smartphones today are a growing market. So Razer continues to develop game controllers for smartphone gamers. The product may still be a specialty, but most smartphone games have become necessary for a controller to gain an edge over the others in the mainstream. Razer previously tried to grab the market with Serval a few years ago but disappeared soon after its release.

Razer Raiju Mobile

Design and Materials

The Razer Raiju Mobile is manufactured from matte black plastic, with a black rubber cap on the handle. Razer also provides protection for all ports, provides a cover, and has a bundled braided cable. These are all designed to be stronger than traditional plastic or rubber cables. The controllers are comfortable in hand, while the buttons and triggers have satisfying pressure points. Triggers in Raiju Mobile you can set to act as a powerful trigger. Then gamers can shorten the stroke force for faster actuation.

Raiju Mobile is designed with two sacks on the back to make it easier for gamers to hold the controller. Raiju Mobile is equipped with four multi-function buttons on the front of the controller. These buttons are on the bottom edge under the LED lights and are positioned so that you shouldn’t accidentally press them while gaming.

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Raiju Mobile App

Razer Raiju Mobile

Razer has also developed related applications you can download from the Google Play Store on your Android. You must create a Razer account to use it on your second smartphone or tablet so that your controller can be of maximum use. You can also adjust the sensitivity of your controller on the left and right. It is for maximum usability by adjusting the timing of the right targeting at the shooter.

In addition to four multi-function buttons, Razer allows you to assign Select and Start buttons to multiple functions. In our tests, we found that the option to set two buttons as volume buttons was useful. Their positioning feels awkward when we want to adjust the game’s volume, but it’s a minor drawback.

Razer Raiju Mobile Specifications

BATTERY LIFE Up to 23 hours
WEIGHT 306 g
SIZES Length x Width x Height
4.92in x 6.27in x 2.60in
125 mm x 159.4 mm x 66 mm
SUPPORTED PHONE DIMENSIONS Supports phone widths of up to 79 mm

Razer Raiju Mobile Driver

Razer Raiju Mobile User Guides (PDF)

Updated Date: 12 Mar 2022

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Razer Raiju Mobile Firmware

Support For :

  • Mac OS
  • Windows

Released Date: 08 Feb 2019

Updated Date: 12 Mar 2022

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Razer Raiju Mobile Driver Setup

Support For :

  • Mac OS
  • Windows

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