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Razer Iskur Chair Gaming Driver Download, Update and Review

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Razer Iskur Review

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Razer has started to look at a different business, with its way into other areas of gaming hardware. In the last year or so, not many of us expected them to be the best contenders for the best gaming chair of 2020. But the Razer Iskur is here, and it’s fantastic. The razer design fits perfectly with style and aesthetics. Iskur is colored in black and green, made of synthetic leather in layers of all black with different patterns on all parts.

Razer Iskur Chair Gaming


The Razer Iskur chair is the first product other than a computer device for gamers. Even in its unassembled box shape, it is a hefty unit weighing 30kg. There are Razer quality and a sense of humor even in the packaging, with ‘flyer’ instructions becoming a card the size of an entire box and a calm and hilarious safety instruction graphic welcoming you before you get the parts. Out to assemble the beast.

There are several parts, but usually, the armrests, the central seat unit, the wheels, the pedestal, and the columns all need to join together. The tools you need are also neatly packed, so you’ll have everything you need out of the box, and the build takes about an hour and a bit. The instructions were clear, albeit a little inconveniently pinned to the big card.


Razer Iskur is designed in an extraordinary, stylish aesthetic, wrapped in black and green. The all-black layered synthetic leather with different patterns on all sides, while the stitching is the famous Razer green, accentuates every up and down of the chair and every edge and outline of the design. It’s sleek, has lots of fun, and has an excellent overall design.

It doesn’t go beyond top branding either: there’s just one Razer logo on the full-back, one Razer snake on the back of your neck, and a mantra For Gamers. That means that, for the most part, the razer branding symbol has been obscured. It enhances the chair’s capabilities to blend with office furniture and the room’s style in general. There’s also a detachable neck pad, which complements the design if you’d rather have extra softness on you. The razer Iskur seat is not designed with RGB to direct the center. However, it must plug into a power source to provide energy for the RGB, interfering with the chair’s smooth movement.

Razer Iskur Chair Gaming


This part will be very different, where Iskur begins to withdraw from the pack. At least in his distinct views on comfort and others. Iskur became the best in his excellence in serving it. You’ll start having minor back problems from working or playing games for a tiny initial context. But this was not the case with the Iskur chair, and you will feel very comfortable. Supporting the shoulders deviates from the aesthetic. Racing seats ensure your shoulders are not pushed forward but kept from the back. It is very noticeable for someone who has had surgery on both shoulders. Since Razer wants to cater to everyone, Iskur supports a weight of up to 136kg and a height of 190 cm.

The adjustable lumbar support is arguably the heart of the Iskur design. Instead of an extra pillow or a slightly puffed waist system, Iskur uses a soft, comfortable trapdoor type system that reverses (hinges behind your upper back and pushes toward your wood – naturally) to support your lower back as much as needed. For you and your body. There’s no one-size-fits-all system here, and flexibility means you get it right. It does turn out really hard and fast if you don’t sit on it, and it will feel a little strange at first, but you quickly get used to it and appreciate the better posture pushing you on.


The armrest is an excellent ‘4D’ armrest found on other premium gaming chairs. It allows you to move it back, forward, sideways, up and down, and rotate whichever is best for your positioning. There is some vibration from the armrests like they don’t quite fit. But this is most likely from the design that allows so much maneuverability and adjustment in their position. Your legs and back have never been this pleasant either, and Iskur doesn’t try to stuff you into its awkward shape like a bucket seat; there is plenty of legroom to move, and the butt is well supported with room to move if you need to.

Razer Iskur Specifications

RECOMMENDED HEIGHT 174 cm to 181 cm
BASE 5-star metal powder coated
FRAME Metal & Plywood
FOAM TYPE High-Density Molded Foam

Razer Iskur Driver

Razer Iskur Master Guide (PDF)

Release Date: 02 Sep 2021

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