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Razer BlackWidow Elite Driver Support: Download, Update and Review

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Razer BlackWidow Elite Review

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BlackWidow Elite is a product that has been a favorite for many years. Razer designed it with the same floating essential shape, volume wheel, and media controls as the Huntsman Elite. You get perfect controls like volume knobs, buttons for navigating through events, and music.

Razer BlackWidow Elite Keyboard


BlackWidow Have Two USB plugs and a 3.5 mm audio jack from a neatly woven cable on the Elite back. There are a single USB 2 port and a headphone socket to the left of the keyboard frame, a convenient way to plug in multiple USB cans or headsets without reaching the back of your PC. The lack of macro keys is not a problem. Thanks to Razer’s Hypershift system, you can program any keyboard key to do whatever you want as a secondary function using the modifier keys.

The Razer Synapse software, which controls RGB lighting and programmability, is currently a mature product that works well and won’t give anyone any trouble using it. The lighting scheme includes breathing, rainbow waves, and responsive options, which change the keys’ color as you press them. Some systems adapt to certain games. The dial on the top right represents the Huntsman Elite and can be programmed to change the audio volume or act as a jog-dial to change tracks or many other things. Although not as versatile as the Logitech Craft dial keyboard, it’s a great addition.

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Razer uses its switch on its keyboard at the moment. Itis means if you let go of the lock, you’ll find a colored handle under it. The Razer has a green switch that is noisy and clicks, but versions with a quieter orange switch or a more subtle yellow are available. They’re all a little different, but they’re all well designed, with an incredibly long service life of 80 million keystrokes and spillage and dust protection.

Registering keystrokes with just a light tap of a button enables different responses. Compare these green cross nodes to Cherry MX switches, such as HyperX Alloy Elite. You will see the difference, and the Cherry Switch lets you place your finger on the button without the danger of accidentally releasing it.

Razer BlackWidow Elite Specifications

Technology Specifications

Switch Type Razer Green Mechanical Switch
Key Feel Tactile and Clicky
Sizes Full Size
Wrist Rest Keyboard Yes
On-Board Memory Hybrid on-board storage up to 5 profiles
Keycaps ABS plastic
Media Keys Dedicated Media Controls
Passthrough USB 2.0 and audio
Connectivity Wired
Lighting Keyboard Razer Chroma customizable lighting with 16.8 million color options
Others 1000 Hz Ultrapolling
10 key rollover anti-ghosting
80 million keystroke lifespan
Cable routing
Ergonomic wrist rest
Multi-function Digital Dial
Gaming mode option
Military-grade metal top construction
Instant Trigger Technology
Entirely programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording

Razer BlackWidow Elite Driver

Razer BlackWidow Elite Master Guide (PDF)

Release Date: 19 Sep 2018

Update Date: 03 Nov 2021

Download Now

Razer BlackWidow Elite Synapse 3.0

Support For Windows 10 & Windows 11

Update Date: 03 Nov 2021

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Download Now

Razer BlackWidow Elite Synapse 2.0

Support For Windows 7/18/10

Download Now

Support For Mac OS X 10.10-10.14

Download Now

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