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Razer Viper Mini Driver Download, Firmware Update and Review

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Razer Viper Mini Review

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The Razer Viper Mini is the newest gaming mouse to reduce heavier weight. Over the last few years, Razer has introduced more features and designs into the gaming mouse manufacturer. Viper Mini is your choice for the best gaming mouse in that category. The Viper mini feels sturdy and comfortable and has all the features you’d expect from a much more expensive Razer mouse, including RGB lighting.

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Razer Viper Mini Mouse Gaming

Design and Feature

The Razer Viper Mini is the best-combined design mouse of the original Viper and Viper Ultimate, upgraded into one great product. It features the same ambidextrous design with a glossy trim and a matte plastic shell. The sides of the mouse are slightly cut off, making for a comfortable and natural grip. While the original Viper only had RGB in the palm, the Mini viper adopts the Ultimate inside just below it. The one below is not visible from above, but it looks good without being distracting in a normal sitting position. The Viper Mini is small but more significant than your average laptop mouse. Razer has reduced the mouse size in every dimension. Razer recommends a mouse to easily and comfortably grip your palms and claws.

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Some physical changes to the mini Viper, such as the DPI button, have been moved between mouse buttons, making it more comfortable to press. Razer has also trimmed the thumb button on the right side, which the company calls a “fake ambidextrous.” which cuts the number of buttons to six. The Speedflex cable is also one foot shorter, only six feet. The Razer feels slippery in the hand as the rubber side grips have been removed. The company features pure PTFE sliding feet for extra fast off the mouse surface on the plus side.


Razer viper mini gives you the experience when playing games with a mini mouse. You will need time to get used to it, at least if you are a standard palm gripper with a larger mouse. Luckily, the grip on the viper mini is a mix of palms and claws so that you can adapt after a long day of gaming. Using the palm grip, you will find your ring and pinky fingers dragging along the right side. You generally get a performance that feels almost identical to that of the full-sized Viper.

The viper mini has improved switches that don’t feel much different from the original Razer Optical switches, and that’s a good thing. An optical switch uses light to activate, which makes it more durable. Because there is no physical contact, the mouse can recognize key presses instantly without the need for a debounce delay – a power break used by manufacturers to prevent click errors. Likewise, a lack of physical contact should make the dreaded “double-click” problem plaguing dying mice a thing of the past.

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Razer Viper Mini Mouse Gaming

Razer Viper Mini Specifications

Technology Specifications

FORM FACTOR False-Ambidextrous
CONNECTIVITY Wired – Razer Speedflex Cable
RGB LIGHTING Razer Chroma RGB Underglow
SENSOR Optical
SWITCH LIFECYCLE 50 Million Clicks
MOUSE FEET 100% PTFE Mouse Feet
CABLE Razer Speedflex Cable
SIZES Length x Grip Width x Height
118.3 mm x  53.5mm x 38.3 mm 
 4.66 in x 2.11 in x 1.51 in
WEIGHT 61g / 0.13 lbs

Razer Viper Mini Driver

Razer Viper Mini, Master Guide (PDF)

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Razer Viper Mini Firmware 

Firmware v1.03.02_r1

Support For:

  • Windows 
  • Mac OS

Release Date: 11 Nov 2020

Updated Date: 09 Mar 2022

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Razer Viper Mini Synapse 3.0

Support For Windows 10 & Windows 11

Download Now

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