Razer Basilisk Ultimate Mouse gaming wireless

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Driver Download, Update and Review

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Razer Basilisk Ultimate Review

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Razer is always making great new products as a refresher in the market. After the Basilisk gaming mouse launch, it has finally received an upgrade. The Basilisk and Basilisk Essential have become the most popular Razer mice on the market. The addition of features to the new Basilisk Ultimate can guarantee that the new generation will be as popular as the previous product.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate is the first wireless high-performance gaming mouse. This mouse set to look, play and feel exactly how you want it as a mid-range and ergonomic right-hand gaming mouse designed for medium to large hand sizes. The Razer Basilisk has developed a new generation, which equips with the latest technology. Perfect for palm and claw grips, you can see the Basilisk offers and the features that make each one unique.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate mouse gaming wireless

Design and Feature

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Coming from an essential generation of Basilisk and Basilisk, Razer Basilisk Ultimate Wireless has undergone a visual change. 6 millimeters longer than the previous generation of Basilisk but still feels almost the same in hand. Its larger size will make it fit perfectly on the palm. The shape is light, making grasping claws or fingertips feel more comfortable. Like the previous generation, this product is also equipped with an adjustable tension scroll wheel so that you can use the touch of your scroll wheel. Razer’s changes include adding a new diamond pattern trim on the sides, glossy trim on the palm rest, and the mouse button now ends up with sharp corners and predatory-looking dots.

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Judging by its redesign, it’s tough to see the Basilisk Ultimate as a direct challenge to Logitech’s latest G502 Lightspeed. Visually the two are very similar, although the Basilisk Ultimate is only slightly taller, weighing 7 grams lighter for a total weight of 107 grams. As a market competitor in the premium wireless gaming mouse category, Razer has already entered the marketplace, including the latest True 20,000 DPI Focus + sensor, a maximum speed of 650 IPS, and 50G acceleration, each of which is a substantial improvement over Logitech’s offering. There is an Improvement from the previous Basilisk. 

razer-basilisk ultimate-driver
Razer Basilisk Ultimate Mouse Gaming


Basilisk Ultimate is made with a lighting display that is much better than the previous generation. Now equipped with bright RGB lights along the right and left and light on the mouse wheel and the palm’s Razer logo. In all, 14 customizable zones can easily sync to your other Razer Chroma equipment. The charging stand is also illuminated with RGB flowing through an attractive ring – although oddly, it doesn’t have any customization options and will cycle color.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Specifications

FORM FACTOR Right Handed
CONNECTIVITY razer HyperSpeed Wireless Wired Speedflex Cable
BATTERY LIFE Up to 100 Hours
RGB LIGHTING Razer Chroma RGB 14 Razer Chroma RGB Lighting Zones
SENSOR Optical
SWITCH LIFECYCLE 70 Million Clicks
MOUSE FEET 100% PTFE Mouse Feet
CABLE Razer Speedflex Cable
SIZES Length : 130 mm x 5.11 in
Grip Width : 60mm x 2.36 in
Height : 42mm x 1.65 in
WIGHT 0.24 lbs / 107 g
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Razer Basilisk Ultimate Driver

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Master Guide (PDF))

Download Now

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Firmware

Firmware v1.06.00_r1

Support For:

  • Windows 
  • Mac Os 

Released Date: 27 Sep 2020

Updated Date: 13 Mar 2022

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Razer Basilisk Ultimate Synapse 3.0

Support For Windows 10 & Windows 11

Download Now

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Synapse 2.0

Support For: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64-bit)

Download Now

Support For Mac Os 

Download Now

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