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Razer Naga Trinity Driver and Software Manual Setup

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Razer Naga Trinity Review

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The Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse is produced primarily for MMO and MMORPG games, so built with lots of shortcut keys, which can be troublesome and troublesome for those of you who aren’t very good at using them correctly. Feel the comfort and power of complete control in your hands, in playing any game you play. The Razer Dragon Trinity mouse design gives you the edge you need in a MOBA / MMO game. Razer Dragon Trinity lets you configure everything from weapons to special builds. So you will always be ahead of the competition in the game.

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The Razer Dragon Trinity mouse to built with a 5G optical sensor, the world’s most advanced with a genuine 16,000 DPI. Razer Naga Trinity optimizes the speed you need, ensures movement speed, on target capability, and you can be a winner in gameplay. To customize the mouse shape With replaceable side plates for 2, 7, and 12 button configurations. You can adjust the mouse shape to suit your gameplay. Each button designed on the mouse stands out, so you can never go wrong.


razer-naga trinity-driver
Razer Naga Trinity Mouse MMO Gaming


Anything to do with gaming mice, the Razer Naga Trinity is a mouse that has all the curves in the right place for gamers. When holding the mouse, your hand will feel very comfortable because of the extraordinary mouse design. On most mice, your hand rests solely around the mouse, but with the Trinity Dragon, your hand gets quite a comfortable touch.

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The upper part of the mouse has a single plate design with a separation distance at the bottom of the mouse button and the armrest holder. The mouse buttons neatly arrange, and your fingers touch quite comfortably on the buttons. Design The front covering from top to right behind the scroll wheel/center button is give an excellent rubber-textured ring all around and with the addition of LED lighting on both sides of the mouse. Below the mouse has two buttons to increase or decrease the DPI quickly. Finally, your armrest will display the Razer Snake logo, which also has an LED backlight.

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Razer Naga trinity Specifications

Technology Specifications

FORM FACTOR Right-Handed
CONNECTIVITY Wired-Standard Braided Cable
SENSOR Optical
SWITCH TYPE Mechanical
SWITCH LIFECYCLE 50 Million Clicks
MOUSE FEET Standard Stock Feet
CABLE Standard Branded Cable
SIZES 119mm/4.69 in (Length)X68mm/268 in (grip width) X 43mm/ 1.66 in (Height)
WIGHT 0.26lbs / 120 g

Driver and Software Update

Razer Naga Trinity Manual Setup Driver

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Razer Naga Trinity Software Update

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Updated Date: 31 May 2021 

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